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  1. 5-4-O 1:04
  2. Bourrée Inkarnation 1:10
  3. Circle Divine 1:55
  4. Kaleidoskop 1:05
  5. Zirpelloise 1:40
  6. Mosaic 2:19
  7. Seven Flow 1:10
  8. Odd Bourrée 1:43
  9. Moon Mazurka 2:01
  10. Uhrovec 2:01
  11. Low Lights 2:11


Roots meets modernism, traditional dance music meets contemporary rock, pop, and jazz – and the result is the one-of-a-kind folk-fusion experience that is ZiRP.


In the last two years we have been working on the recordings for a new album, which shows the whole range of our music and explores new boundaries. We are very proud of the result and can hardly wait to share our music with you.

  1. 5-4-O ZiRP 1:04
  2. Bourrée Inkarnation ZiRP 1:10
  3. Circle Divine ZiRP 1:55
  4. Kaleidoskop ZiRP 1:05
  5. Zirpelloise ZiRP 1:40
  6. Mosaic ZiRP 2:19
  7. Seven Flow ZiRP 1:10
  8. Odd Bourrée ZiRP 1:43
  9. Moon Mazurka ZiRP 2:01
  10. Uhrovec ZiRP 2:01
  11. Low Lights ZiRP 2:11

Our Videos


Odd Bourree

Our Videos


Odd Bourree

Who We Are

ZiRP is our heart project and a creative outlet. Here our diverse musical ideas and preferences merge into a harmonious whole. With the 2012 debut album „Drehvolution“, we have labeled our style as FUSION FOLK, since we are essentially influenced by the structures of traditional dance music, but expand them with various modern influences.

In the last years we performed at numerous renowned international festivals, including TFF Rudolstadt in Germany, Castlefest in the Netherlands, and FaerieWorlds in the USA. These days, we are at home on any stage, from huge festivals to neighborhood clubs or the dance floors of the burgeoning bal folk scene.

On that note: Viva la Drehvolution!

Stephan Groth

Hurdy Gurdy, Low Whistle, Piano

Florian Kolditz

Electric Bass, Double Bass

Florian M. Fügemann

Drums, Percussion, Sample Pad, Piano

Olaf Peters

Acoustic Guitar, Cittern

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